It’s amazing what transpires in and within the confines of our brains; the cocooning thoughts, circuitous notions and interminable meditations. All because the wandering heart craves… something. Anything. The mind has to be the best thing that has ever happened to human beings; I mean, where else without much hustle, can the poorest of us drive the best automobile, the most unsightly brethren kiss the finest of chicks and the most idle become the most successful??

Humans have a priceless implement: one that’s creative and crafty, flexible yet obsequious to our wishes, a tool evincing so much strength it’s unbelievable. Times without number, progressively and consistently, manifestations of it’s prodigious abilities have left us in awe and bewilderment. We have all, one time or the other, found ourselves querying what this or the other scientist was thinking when they came up, in our view, with very crazy ideas. Yet as a result today we are denizens, lucky dwellers, of a world with so much simplicity in almost if not all aspects of our lives… power of the mind.

Mortal man  has and will always ceaselessly seek that which is better than the current…and better than current is best- in a grammatical perspective,comparative then superlative… Good, better, best… like one step above better is best, Yeah? But literally one step above better is still better because when we get there the best becomes better due to creation of another best above that best… Get it?? Yes?? No?? Huh? Use the power of the brain!! Thank you for comprehending. Moving on. So all we do is try to break away from the limits our current situations wrap us in, to reach beyond our current states and be able to shed our old identities and occupy new ones, better ones…All we yearn for each time silence and solitude lulls our minds to wander, is something a step above…
Something better. Best.

So next time your thoughts seem unrealistic, unachievable, wild and crazy, don’t sweat it. You are creating a better best. Do not try to stop them. Let them reach out- go with them, enjoy, and remember all existent today was once in a mind. GOODLUCK!


Seven billion, give or take. That’s the world in numbers. My statistics solely and deliberately based on the famous, now turned cliché pickup line “seven billion people in the world but I only want you.” Things people do for love!Haha including Google-ing the world’s population. Really?? Huh! Thank you anyway, cupid-struck homo sapiens sapiens for the information, but actually it’s 7.125 billion people in the world according to Google. Why the hell would you leave out the .125? That is an insanely gargantuan number that could get you the kill in this hunting game. Dummies!! Love is not only blind but also very blind.

7.125 billion people. Fat, thin, black, white, rich, poor, tall, short, rude, polite, honest, cheats…all the adjectives existent in our time. According to lexicographers, adjectives are descriptive words purposefully so to modify nouns, in our case here to modify humans both oneself and others. Mere opinions which today have turned both detrimental and non-detrimental, sadly detrimental being more dominant. I think life should have come with a disclaimer like “the views expressed by fellow humans are their own and do not hold as the sole truth.” then many of us would not have been swallowed up and drowned by this tide of descriptive words and societal misguided primeval definitions and unrealistic neanderthal expectations of them.

Reality check: Like it or not, agree or disagree there will always be someone with an edge on us. Ladies, someone much prettier or with a bigger future behind her or with a larger reception before her or with a sweeter voice or better shaped protrusions on the opening of her mouth or bigger sexier eyes or just waistless- one who can shake their posteriors like an electrocuted person. Guys, there will always be one less uglier than you or with bigger biceps or a deeper voice or stretching his boxers more than you when the anterior nether region of their anatomy is engorged with blood. The earth is full of variety; 7.125 billion in variety to be precise, and counting.
Yet in the midst of all this variety, how does one appreciate oneself as a unique entity and be proud of who they are and not end up feeling belittled by other people’s anatomy and demeanour? In a world where a big derrière and corrupted morals sell like groceries and money is not just the source of all evil but the buyer of all- good and evil; where today you can be a perfect set of definiens for the colour black then tomorrow the colour white and you can be identical twins, where one day a lady can be as flat as a plain and the day after they have killer curves like a road round a steep hill. With all this impious deeds, where does one then draw the line of demarcation between mundane spectatorship and participation? You decide!! DON’T GET LOST!!